Biking is one of the sports loved and enjoyed by people from all over the world regardless of age. As a kid, you enjoy riding your scooter or balance bike. But as you grow up, you yearn for more power, higher speed and better features. A good mountain bike completely befits the above description, the main reason why it is adored by man.

What is the best mountain bikes you can buy?

Your buying guide for the best mountain bikes in 2016

There are so many bike brands in the market with great features that will surely thrill any avid rider. Though, the problem comes in where you have to invest in the best one from the top mountain bike brands.

Equipped with a budget, you can move endlessly from store to store in vain, but with this review of the top 10 best mountain bikes, your search for the best bike is made easier.

Below is a list of the best rated bikes reviews in 2016, compiled after through research and field testing.

Top 10 Best Mountain Bikes in 2016

Roadmaster Granite Peak Men’s Mountain Bike

Roadmaster Granite Peak Men’s Mountain Bike

The Roadmaster Granite Peak 26 is the truest definition of very affordable as it costs under $200 on Amazon.

This bike features the mountain geometry design for easier riding and its frame is made of Steel for strength and durability. Its 3-piece crank comes with a wider gear range, with strong linear pull front and rear brakes for a great stopping power.

This bike has 26-inch wheels with alloy rims for durability, strength and better control. It also comes equipped with a suspension fork that acts as a shock absorber, making bumps smoother and increasing control, one of the features that have the Roadmaster Granite Peak in the list of top rated mountain bikes.

With its 18 SRAM drive twist shifters, you can change gears smoothly, granting you great control and total convenience when riding this bike.

Though most people think that nothing good comes out of something inexpensive, the Roadmaster Granite Peak disapproves the myth and actually makes it to among the best mountain bikes 2016.

Merax Finiss 21 Speed Mountain Bike with Disc Brakes

Merax Finiss 26 Aluminum 21 Speed Mountain Bike with Disc Brakes

Present in Fashion Grey & Green, Passion White & Red and Classic Black & Red color schemes, the Merax Finiss 21 Speed Mountain Bike offers the most customizability.

This bike’s mountain frame is made of heat-treated Aluminum that is lightweight for easier riding and better control. Its rims are 26 inches and double walled for easier rolling, strength and durability.

It also comes with Shimano 21-speed shifters and derailleurs for more reliable shifting as you ride your bike. These features are only found in the most expensive mountain bikes in history, and at just above $220, this Merax is definitely the best mountain bike under 300.

Its front and rear disc brakes are mechanical to ensure more effective braking and stronger stopping. It also has an 80mm suspension fork that ensures smoother bumps and increased control.

According to the Merax 2016 mountain bike reviews, this bike’s assembly is easy and quick requiring very few tools.

Schwinn Protocol 1.0 Men’s Dual-Suspension Mountain Bike

Schwinn Protocol 1.0 Men’s Dual-Suspension Mountain Bike

Another Schwinn in the list, the Schwinn Protocol 1.0, displays the reliability of this brand of mountain bikes.

This bike features the Schwinn dual suspension frame made of Aluminum for a smoother and more stable ride even across rough terrain. Its Shimano EF-50 trigger shifters with Shimano Altus 24-spw ensure ease of shifting.

This Schwinn 26 mountain bike also features the Pro Max disc brake for more reliable braking stopping and the Suntour suspension fork for smoother riding. Its MTB handlebars with the Schwinn Bolt-A-Head stem gives you full control of your bike as you ride.

Its high profile alloy wheel rims with bladed spokes gives this bike the greatly needed stability, making it one of the good mountain bikes especially for men.

Diamondback Overdrive Sport 29er Mountain Bike

Diamondback Overdrive Sport 29er Mountain Bike

The Diamondback Overdrive Sport 29er Mountain Bike offers the best mountain frame design for any avid rider at under $550.

This entry level mountain bike has features that are totally unmatched by the top mountain bikes 2016, making it the perfect option for you. Its 6061-T6 butted Aluminum frame measures 29 inches and is strong, yet lightweight to ensure durability and ease of control.

It features the SR Suntour Suspension that offers 100mm of travel for a smoother ride even over rough terrain. Its Shimano derailleurs are designed to ensure easier and smoother rides while its Shimano shifters give you the convenience to easily and smoothly shift between the bike’s 9 speeds as you ride it.

It also comes equipped with Shimano disc brakes for better braking and stopping and a pair of Schwalbe Rapid tires with a radius of 29 inches.

Aesthetic, strong, durable and effective are some of the benefits you get by investing in this Diamondback, making it the best value mountain bike.

Kent Thruster T-29 Men’s Mountain Bike

Kent Thruster T-29 Mens Mountain Bike

The Thruster mountain bike is another machine designed to ensure you enjoy every bit of your riding experience. This bike features the 6061 heat-treated Aluminum frame that is lightweight for a more stable, stronger ride and offers you great ease and control during riding.

Its Shimano TZ31 derailleurs and Shimano RS25 shifters ensure the most precise and crisp drivetrain. This bike also features a pair of 29-inch alloy rims that provide better lower rotational weight, giving the bike an agile feel and easier handling. The 170mm crank set is made of Steel and is composed of the 28, 38 and 48-tooth rings.

This bike costs under $200, making it the best mountain bike under 200. With all the features mentioned above, this Thruster T-29 29er is definitely the best mountain bike 2016.

Diamondback Bicycles Sorrento Hard Tail Complete Mountain Bike

Diamondback Bicycles Sorrento Hard Tail

Being the third Diamondback bike in this list, the Diamondback Sorrento Mountain Bike proves just how great this brand is in terms of manufacture of high quality bikes.

Being among the good mountain bike brands in the world, its durability is taken care by its strong DB 6061-T6 butted Aluminum frame with a replaceable hanger and gusset. It Trail XC front suspension fork is made of alloy and offers 60mm of travel hence ensuring a smoother ride over rough terrain. Its Shimano derailleurs and shifters ensure smoother transition between each of the 7 speed options.

This bike’s Kenda Dual Sport tires measure 26 inches by 1.95 inches hence large enough to ride over obstacles. Its Tektro alloy linear brakes on the other hand ensure perfect reliable braking.

This bike offers the thrill, comfort and speed required during a ride, hence has one of the best mountain bike reviews 2016.

Schwinn High Timber Mountain Bicycle

Schwinn High Timber Mountain Bicycle

The Schwinn high timber mountain bike is sturdy, yet beautiful enough to be ridden around by the best riders in the world. It features an Aluminum mountain frame for easier riding and durability.

Its Schwinn suspension fork ensures a smoother and stable ride even over rough terrain. It features SRAM twist shifters and Shimano derailleurs that offer smooth shifting from its 21 speed options. Its front and rear brakes are linear and ensure great braking and stopping power. Its alloy wheel rims are strong and stable and feature a quick release front for easier installation.

From the above review, it is evident that this Schwinn Timber has the best mountain bike reviews and it remains of the best mountain bike brands that lets you ride with confidence.

Diamondback Bicycles 2016 Recoil Trail Full Suspension

Diamondback Bicycles Recoil Complete Full Suspension Mountain Bike

Just like most Diamondback bicycles, the Recoil Trail is designed with durability, ease of control and riding comfort in mind, making it one of the best 2016 mountain bikes.

Its Aluminum frame is strong and is optimized by a single pivot design. It also has a coil shock with oil damping which offers you 4 inches of travel.

Its Suntour XCM suspension fork on the other hand, offers you 120 mm of travel, ensuring a balanced, smoother and comfortable ride even over rough terrain.

This fork has an external preload adjustment that helps customize it to the rider’s riding style and weight. For more reliable braking, this bike features Tektro Aires disc brakes that are mechanical.

Its 8-cog cassette offers the rider up to 24 speed options and it also comes with the Suntour triple chaining ring crank for better control and effective riding. Its 27.5-inch wheels make it easier to ride over obstacles while the ride remains balanced and smoother, just like in other full suspension mountain bikes.

This bike is surely the best mountain bike under 1500 considering the incredible features you stand to enjoy from investing in it.

Thruster KZ2600 Dual-Suspension Mountain Bike

Thruster KZ2600 Dual-Suspension

The Thruster KZ2600 features the 26-inch Aluminum MTB frame with full suspension to ensure durability, strength and stability. Its suspension form allows for 65mm travel and ensures a stable and smoother ride.

This dual suspension mountain bike comes with 21-speed Shimano shifters and the Real Tourney derailleur for smoother shifting and riding.

Its disc brakes are strong for reliable braking and stopping while its alloy rims give its wheels perfect stability, strength and durability.

It is not only the best value bike, but also one of the best mountain bikes under 500.

Cyclamatic Power Plus Electric Mountain Bike

Cyclamatic Power Plus Electric Mountain Bike

The Cyclamatic Power Plus is the only electric mountain bike in this list which proves that they also have what it takes to compete with the top mountain bikes in the world.

Equipped with a Lithium-Ion battery, this mountain bike can operate for up to 30 miles on a full charge and also comes with a battery charger. It operates on 3 different modes including the electric mode, motor only mode and the assist mode.

Its 17-inch mountain bike frame features an adjustable seat for easier riding. It comes with 26-inch wheels with spokes made of stainless Steel for strength, durability and support. Its Samson Champion tires are designed to ensure a smooth ride and reduced shock and impact when riding over irregular terrain.

This bike also features the Shimano SIS-Index 7-speed gears with the quick change feature. Its front and rear mudguards ensure you do not get dirty as you ride your bike. It also has a bell and reflectors for your own safety.

It has a 12-month warranty and is surely the best mountain bike under 1000.

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